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spacer DELHI, ONTARIO, CANADA, 11 November 2010 — The Government of St. Lucia recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Island Green Energy and its technology partner, the Elementa Group to construct the island’s first non-incineration ‘Energy from Waste’ facility that will convert the island’s municipal solid waste into ‘green’ electricity.

Island Green Energy (IGE) has submitted a proposal to convert in excess of 40,000 tonnes of municipal waste (MSW) per year to provide power to St. Lucia’s electricity grid as the initial base operation. IGE will provide the proprietary technology, fund the project and contract locally selected companies to design and build the facility. Island Green Energy will also hire and train local operators and maintenance crews.

IGE Managing Director, Joe Howe states, “This development represents ‘actual action’ and complements St. Lucia’s sustainable energy strategy. When generating electricity from municipal solid waste, every tonne converted from our process, yields 1.4 carbon credits and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Island Green Energy is currently in discussions with the Honourable Guy Joseph, Minister of Communications, Works, Transport & Public Utilities.

The United Nations has initiated the Island Sustainability Growth Plan, which requires island nations to improve their existing infrastructures with regards to sustainable development. “This project will be the first step to permanently eliminating the need for future landfills, as well as reducing the island’s dependency on fossil fuels,” says Howe.

After the completion of the first base operation, IGE will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to utilize all of the island’s waste, including sewage, tires, agricultural and bio-medical waste. This should provide in excess of 15MW of ‘green’ electricity to St. Lucia’s electricity grid.

About Island Green Energy
Island Green Energy, is a division of the Fernlea Group of Companies, a 70-year-old Canadian business with an international reach. IGE’s entry into the 'green energy’ sector emerged from Fernlea’s commitment to reduce energy costs and continue a legacy of environmental stewardship and community participation. Island Green Energy’s environmentally clean technology supports global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

For more information, contact Ahmad Ali at or visit the IGE website at

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